Acoustic Excellence

Guild's signature excellence in acoustic flat-top guitar design has made its name synonymous with fine quality and craftsmanship.

From three models introduced in 1954—the F-30 Aragon, F-40 Valencia and F-50 Navarre—Guild founded an acoustic empire. The famous D-40 Bluegrass Jubilee and D-50 Bluegrass Special dreadnoughts were introduced in 1963 (at the insistence of Guild veteran Mark Dronge, Al's son), and Guild's flagship dreadnought, the D-55, first appeared in 1968. These guitars and many other Guild six- and 12-string acoustic flat-tops enjoyed widespread use and acclaim from artists and amateurs alike well into the ensuing decades.

In those heady late '60s days, perhaps the foremost exponent of Guild acoustic guitars was the great Richie Havens, a thoughtful interpreter of songs and a soulful, electrifying performer who opened rock's legendary 1969 Woodstock festival by single-handedly mesmerizing the audience of 400,000 with his powerful voice and a Guild D-40, on which he displayed his trademark breathtaking rhythmic force. It was a shining moment for Havens and for Guild, and he continues to entrance audiences to this day with Guild guitars.

After almost 30 years in Rhode Island, Guild moved west. Operations were moved to sunny Corona, California shortly after Guild was acquired by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in 1995. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Guild history.

Through the '90s and well into the new millennium, a diverse new generation of gifted, spirited players recognized the excellence of a truly fine Guild guitar. From the sultry Jazz and Blues of Cassandra Wilson, to the scorching hellbilly pickin of Hank Williams III, or the solo acoustic magic of Willy Porter; it was a Guild acoustic guitar that became the vehicle for their expression. Recording studios and concert halls everywhere continued to reverberate with the full, pure sound of Guild guitars.

Guild Today

Todays Guild is as dynamic and prolific as ever! We continue to champion the timeless history and heritage of old-world craftsmanship, modern design innovation and solid value that has become synonymous with the Guild name.

In a continuing quest for operational excellence, Guild has move again in recent times; from Corona, California to Tacoma, Washington in 2005, and most recently from Tacoma, Washington to a newly acquired facility in New Hartford, Connecticut in 2008 - all in an effort to provide musicians with the best Guild guitars ever!

Whether it's a 12-string jumbo, a dreadnought, a small-body acoustic or one of our new GAD Nylon/Classical Series acoustics, Guild guitars remain among the most sought after instruments in the world.

There's really nothing quite like the strong, balanced, crystal-clear sound of a finely crafted Guild acoustic guitar. Todays Guild guitars are better than ever, and we can't wait for you to hear them!

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