Eureka Joe’s Paydirt Is Available In Fairbanks, Alaska


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Pro Music is now selling Eureka Joe’s Paydirt. We will be stocking many different priced two pound bags of paydirt. These are great for testing equipment to see if it is working correctly. These bags make great gifts for people visiting Alaska. Please stop by Pro Music 300 Front St. Fairbanks, Alaska for more information.

Two pounds of gold heavy concentrates - this is great for a beginner or the old timer looking for that relief from gold fever, but doesn't want to spend to much. Still lots of gold in this stuff - don't let the price fool you.

Taste Of Alaska Two Pound Bag Of Paydirt $45.00

Lower River Claim Two Pound Bag Of Paydirt $95.00

Upper River Claim Two Pound Bag Of Paydirt   $150.00

At the lower river claim we find lots of smaller placer gold. This is some rich paydirt.

This is our best concentrate from this mine. There's always good course gold in this stuff. Lots of nuggets and pickers.

Eureka Joe’s Story

Forty years ago, a young man set out in search of fulfilling his dreams and finding prosperity. He yearned for GOLD! He set out for Alaska, the Last Frontier, hoping to find what others had missed. Fairbanks was too cold. Nome was too distant. There were no easy answers. One fall, on a hunting excursion, he dipped his pan into a creek and exclaimed, “Eureka, I’ve found it!” He staked his claim. The next 30 years proved to be exciting, to say the least. Building his cabin, getting equipment, dealing with breakdowns, bears in camp. This was wild Alaska. Mining was harder than he had anticipated. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. Unable to get operational alone, the old miner hired a helper. His name was Joe. They bonded instantly with their life long passion—GOLD. Seven years passed, and the old miner’s dreams were still never fully realized. With his dying breath, he leaned over to his friend and said, “Live my dream, Joe. Make it happen.” Two and a half years later, water finally flowed through the sluice box. The rest is history. Live the dream of this old miner, and enjoy these GOLD bearing concentrates. From Eureka Joe’s sluice to yours.

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Hope Dreams Two Pound Bag Of Paydirt   $180.00

For a limited time we have a very special concentrate that comes from a mine in Hope, Alaska. We call this rich paydirt Hope Dreams. Hope is known for producing nice big nuggets. This is a limited supply and we can only get small amounts from this old timers mine.

We decided to make this one a bit more exciting so were going to add a quarter ounce nugget to every twenty fifth bag.

Nugget Bag Two Pound Bag Of Paydirt   $295.00

Joe knows that EVERYONE loves nuggets- so here we go!!!  We start with some of our best concentrates- then Joe throws in 1.5 to 4.5 gram nuggets in every bag! GUARANTEED