Fender Lace Sensor Blue Single Coil Pickup With White Cover

Fender Lace Sensor Blue

Fender Lace Sensors*

Low noise, high output and incredible response and sustain. Color designation is as follows:

Gold: Crisp top end and vintage glassy bell-like tones. Used on the Eric Clapton Stratocaster®.

Silver: Higher output, more midrange Fat Strat® tone.

Blue: Warmer, higher output 1950s humbucker sound.

Red: Extreme output. Hot humbucker sound.

*Lace Sensor is a registered trademark of Actodyne General, Inc.

Gold FLS: DC Resistance 5.8K Inductance 2.4Henries

Silver FLS: DC Resistance 7.1K Inductance 3.38Henries

Blue FLS: DC Resistance 12.8K Inductance 6.58Henries

Red FLS: DC Resistance 14.5K Inductance 8.12Henries

Available with black or white covers only, sold as each.

All Fender Pickups come with mounting hardware and wiring schematics.

Price:  $84.75

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