Rolls RPQ160 Parametric Equalizer

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Rolls RPQ160 Parametric Equalizer

A parametric equalizer, unlike conventional graphic equalizers, provides for the precise control over the frequency selection, band width and levels. The RPQ160 is a powerful tool when used for room equalization, sound reinforcement, or home or studio recording applications.

• Four bands of parametric equalization
• +/- 15 dB of Boost/Cut for each frequency
• RCA, 1/4″ and XLR inputs and outputs
• Adjustable high and low shelving filters
• “T” Filters, which avoid the complexity and distortion of state-variable filters

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Product Short Description :

Rolls RPQ160 Parametric EQ.

The RPQ160 is a four-band parametric equalizer for the professional audio installation and music market. The unit is housed in a steel painted 1U rack space chassis, has an internal power supply, and is designed to withstand the rigors of road use.

Each frequency band has a variable Frequency select control which adjusts the frequency center, a Width (Q) control which varies the shape of the equalization curve, and a +/- 15 dB Level control. Additional frequency control has been provided with variable High and Low pass shelving filters. An overall Level control, a Bypass switch, and a Power LED round out the front panel.

Since equalization is used on virtually every type of audio signal and in many various applica- tions, the RPQ160 has RCA, 1/4″ and XLR inputs and outputs provided on the rear panel.

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