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RapcoHorizon MIC1 Black Mic Cable

RapcoHorizon MIC1 (Black)

RapcoHorizon MIC1 (Black) Balanced Microphone Cable (Priced by the foot)

Used by more musicians around the world than any other microphone cable.

Conductors = 2ea 24AWG

Shield Coverage = 95% Spiral

Cap. Between Conductors @ 1KHz = 21pF/ft.

Cap. Cond. to Shield @ 1 kHz = 37pF/ft.

Characteristic Impedance @ 1 MHz = 70 Ohms

D/C Resistance @ 1000′ = 23 Ohms per 1000 ft.

O.D. (+/- 0.005) = .240 inches

Color = Black

Price: $0.50

SKU: 4178


Product Short Description :

Balanced Microphone Cable (Priced by the foot)

2 conductor, 24awg, stranded bare copper, polypropylene insulated, overall copper serve shield, PVC jacketed microphone wire

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