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Becker 175C Violin Package 1/2

Becker 175C Violin Package 1/2

Becker 175C Violin Package 1/2


Crafted in Romania of well-seasoned woods with graduated solid spruce top, solid maple back, maple sides, solid maple scroll and neck, inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, pegs, nut, saddle and tailpiece, maple bridge, composite chinrest, four string adjusters, DíAddario Prelude strings and nylon tailpiece adjuster. Polished red-brown satin finish. Set up and adjusted to MENC specifications.

Accessories Included: TKL Zero Gravity backpack case, Glasser fiberglass horsehair bow, rosin

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Becker 175C Violin Package 1/2

Becker Stringed Instruments is dedicated to providing students, educators and school music dealers with high quality European bowed instruments expertly adjusted to meet all MENC specifications, and supporting those instruments with the highest quality service to our customers.

Prelude Series violins offer very good craftsmanship, tonal responsiveness and good playability at affordable pricing.

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