DigiTech XSW Synth Wah



This is the last one! It is the display model which was under glass in a counter.

DigiTech XSW Synth Wah™ Envelope Filter Guitar Effects Pedal. A great wah effect that is done automatically.

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The Synth Wah™ envelope filter doesn’t cop out by giving you only one sound to work with and try to tweak. The DigiTech team has gone way beyond that with a full 7 different types of sounds to choose from, including envelope filters, synth tones, and filter sweep effects. This pedal gives you a ton of effect bang for the buck. Controls feature Sens, Control, Range, Type. Outputs feature Normal (Dry) and Effect.

7 different Synth and Envelope Filter sounds

Adjustable filter and frequency cutoffs

Normal/Dry and Effect outputs

Synth Wah Manual