Neotech 2601162 Super Harness Band Instrument Strap



Neotech 2601162 Super Harness Strap For Band Instruments

  • Fits most saxophones – ideal for Alto, Tenor and Bari saxophones
  • A design for men, women and youth
  • Easy to attach with a unique swivel guard hook
  • Made in the USA

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Super Harness™ offers unmatched comfort to the avid musician – from beginner to professional! This easy-to-use harness provides freedom of movement and the same weight reduction system found in other Neotech straps. The quick release buckles make it a snap to put on and the adjustment system makes it easy to customize the harness to your needs. As it freely glides through the hardware located in the back, it increases your mobility without sacrificing your comfort since the neck/shoulder pad always stays in place. There’s no other strap like it! Give it a try! Available with our popular swivel guard hook

Swivel Guard: The leading cause of hook breakage is when a hook lodges sideways against the instrument putting excess torque and pressure on it. Neotech’s new Swivel Guard Hook (available on the Super Harness and the Soft Harness) features a mechanism that minimizes the possibility of this occurring.

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