RapcoHorizon RM1-20 20 Foot Black Mic Cable



RapcoHorizon RM1-20 Microphone Cable, Black

This series uses (2) 24 gauge bare copper center conductors and a serve shield for quiet operation.  The outer jacket is a durable and flexible matte PVC compound.

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RapcoHorizon RM1-20 Microphone Cable, Black


Horizon’s best seller, using bare copper 24 gauge conductors and a serve shield that is the most flexible microphone cable yet. It also features Horizon brand XLR’s for mazimum value and performance.

Conductors = (2) 24 Gauge Silver
Shield = Pure Copper Spiral
Shield Coverage = 95%
Jacket = Matte PVC
O.D. = 0.210
Capacitance = 37 pf/ft. @ 1 kHz
Resistance = 23 ohm @ 20C / 1000′

• (2) 24 gauge center conductors

• Utilizing a serve shield process for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility

• Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory

• Pure copper conductor and shield

• Individually tested for performance and quality

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