Gold Claw Pocket Blue Gold Pan


The Gold Claw uses a simple “shake and tilt” method to pan gold.

Gold Claw is a fast and easy way to recover gold with no experience required.

Color and size:  Blue Small

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The Gold Claw is very simple to use and the entire process is done under water. Just shake vigorously side to side allowing the gold to settle to the bottom of the pan. Then shake softer while slowly tilting the pan, letting the lighter material fall out of the pan over the large riffles. When down to the heavy concentrates in the pan, transfer the material to the opposite side of the pan and repeat the process till clean gold can be removed from the pan with a snuffer bottle.

Three different riffle zones for different size gold: Large riffles (main side), Medium riffles (opposite side), Small riffles (left corner of pan)

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