Jobe 16 inch Green Turbopan



Turbopan™ gold pan is a prospecting tool and mining tool for the prospector and artisan miner involved in small scale mining. Whether you’re a hobbyist out looking for a run or a crevice filled with gold – or gold panning for a living in a developing country – Turbopan is the right piece of prospecting equipment that gets all the gold easily and quickly.

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The Turbopan was designed by Kim Hillier, an Australian geologist and prospector with over 20 years experience in mineral exploration and gold prospecting.

Turbopan eliminates the problem of compaction that happens in the traditional pan because it is basically a circular sluice. Turbopan doesn’t require running water like a sluice, it simply maximizes the effects of gravity. Its shallow depth means it can be used in puddles and troughs. And its unique colour lets you easily see the gold, even when panning in black sand!

The Turbopan gold pan is a sluice in a pan powered by gravity. Move the dirt anticlockwise over the riffles. Even fine gold works down into the central pocket.

The Turbopan is only 6cm deep. Because its shallow, the gold gets to the bottom fast.
It acts just like a “sluice in a pan” – trapping all the gold in its extensive riffle system.

You’ll improve your panning prospects with Turbopan. It’s a better way to pan for gold!

Where to find gold using TURBOPAN

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