Gold Cube Gold Banker Anodized Hopper



Turn your Gold Cube into a highbanker!


Nugget Trap Tray
3/16th Punch Plate
Stand Adapters
Spray Bar
5 ft.Hose

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The Cube is now Shovel Ready!

Take the hassle out of classifying and increase your yield at the same time! The 3/16th” punch plate allows for a 50% material size increase. There are nugget trap/drop riffles to instantly show the larger gold. Simply attach the stand extensions to your existing Cube stand and attach the 5 foot hose (included) and you are ready to go for the gold!

The Gold Banker can be used as a high banker/beach box configuration using the standard 1100 gph pump or optional 2000 gph pump. The Gold Banker works very well as a recirculating unit or can function as a stand alone classifier.

The Gold Banker is constructed of thick ABS material with built in adjustable spray bar. The 3/16 punch plate is anodized or stainless steel and simply slides into the unit. The stainless steel model is the best choice for salt water use.

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