Minelab PRO-SONIC Headphone Wireless System




Use headphones or built-in speaker
Adjustable volume setting
10 m / 32-feet operating range
SDC 2300 adaptor cable included
Charge from your car, AC power or USB charger
Compatible with most detectors
Part Number: 3900-0001

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The PRO‑SONIC wireless audio system generates audio using advanced wireless technology to achieve clear sound with minimal perceivable time delay.

The PRO‑SONIC Receive Module features an internal loudspeaker and a 6.35mm (¼”) headphone socket for use with your choice of headphones. It can be attached to your harness or clothing using the metal belt clip.

The PRO-SONIC Transmit Module sends out low-power (mW) radio waves using the ISM frequency band (2.402 – 2.480Ghz). The PRO-SONIC Receive Module senses these signals and establishes a piconet communication network with the Transmit Module, using frequency hopping to eliminate interference from other wireless devices.

The PRO-SONIC system contains everything you need for clear, fast, wireless audio.

PRO-SONIC is compatible with most detectors, and comes with an SDC adapter cable and a handy car charger for charging on the go.

Receive and Transmit modules
Universal Charger (AC and car charger)
SDC 2300 adapter cable
Transmit Module Audio Cable (6.35mm/1/4-inch)
Dual Charging Cable (1 × USB-A, 2 × USB Micro-B)
Getting Started Guide

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Minelab PRO-SONIC Headphone Wireless System Manual

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