Jobe Gold Buddy Magnum 10 Inch Sluice Extension



This 36 inch long Extension Sluice can be used to add 3 feet in length to the GOLD BUDDY Equipment Sluice, the JOBE 6504, or the Keene A52. It has the same riffles, ribbed mat, miners moss, and expanded aluminum as the GOLD BUDDY Equipment Sluice.

It is designed to be placed in the first position in the sluice box chain. Thus your flair, hopper, or header box needs to be bolted to this unit and then your existing sluice box is bolted on the end.

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Includes one rear leg assembly and two legs. Installing on some JOBE and Keene sluices may require drilling new 1/4 inch mounting holes on the side or bottom. You can use as many of these Extension Sluices as you want making the final product as long as you want in 3 foot intervals.

Has already been upgrade to include miners moss and V-matting instead of carpet.


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