Jobe Gold Genie Miner Gold Wheel With Tray



Gold Genie Miner Panning Machine Model 6669.

This is our top of the line gold wheel.

18 Inches in Diameter.

Two speed for wheel rotation

Adjustable water flow and angle.


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Gold Genie manufactures three different quality spiral gold wheels. All three are designed to recirculate water with a 12 volt pump which is provided and have the following features. The Gold Genie spiral recovery machines have a quality 18 inch blue spiral pan for easy observation of both gold and black sand. The deep cut spirals with sharp edges allows the system to work wet or dry. The Miner model is designed for high volume applications with adjustable height frame and a plastic skirt which directs all the waste material to the rear. 5 year limited warranty.

The Miner model is the top of the line model.

Gold is caught in a gold pan set in the rear of the unit.

Billet aluminum frame brackets.

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