Proline 3 Inch Highbanker-Dredge With GX160 And HP300 Pump (*Local Pickup Only)




Of all the portable dual-purpose machines available today the Proline 3″ combo is by far the most capable of putting in a full day’s work. It is equipped with a large reinforced hopper for increased capacity.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


The two triple row spray bars ensure that all of the gravel, clay, roots, etc. are thoroughly washed and separated before running through the recovery system. The grizzly is designed to be strong yet surprisingly lightweight. Like all of our other grizzly’s, it is removable to allow for easy access to the classifier and black “V” ribbed matting for inspection and/or cleanup. Also, if the combo is going to be operated solely as a gold dredge, the grizzly can be removed to save weight.

The unit is powered by a Honda GX160 engine and Proline’s powerful HP300 pump. This is a higher pressure pump designed specifically for pushing water higher and further, making it ideal for high-banking. Proline supplies 15 feet of gold dredge hose standard, however, many customers upgrade to a longer hose.

Our use of a power jet provides maximum gold dredge vacuum with fewer rock jams compared to combos that rely in the old-fashioned, cumbersome, suction nozzles. This combo can be equipped with an air compressor kit, just like our 3″ gold dredge, if you wish to increase your gold dredging productivity. It’s no surprise that the Proline 3″ combo has seen such wide popularity with prospecting clubs, exploration companies, and miners who require a very versatile machine in a small, rugged package.


Engine: Honda GX160
Pump: HP300
Sluice Box: 14″ x 48″
Jet: 3″ x 1.5″ thread
Dredge Hose: 3″ x 15 ft
Dredge Pressure Hose: 1.5″ x 10 ft.
Highbanker Pressure Hose: 1.5″ x 50 ft.
Weight: 155 lbs.
Float Kit Is Available As An Optional Accessory

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