Fender Stainless Flatwound 9050s Bass Strings



Fender Stainless Flatwound 9050s Bass Set, Medium, .055-.105. These are great for fretless bass guitars or when you just want that jazzy tone.

Fender stainless 9050 flatwound strings offer warm, rich tone with reduced finger noise and a long life. For reggae, jazz, country, R&B and more, there’s no better way to sustain mellow flatwound tone with a sleek feel and ultimate tuning stability.

Part#: 073-9050-406


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The first electric basses were made by Fender and were strung with flatwound strings to sound more like an upright bass. Today’s Stainless Flats are designed to last longer, sound brighter and still have the low finger noise that Fender Flats are known for. Try a set for Jazz, Country or any style you want. Use your imagination-try a set today! Stainless 9050s Long Scale (34″).

  • Stainless steel flatwound strings
  • Long scale
  • Available in light, medium-light or medium gauges
  • For electric bass only

Part#: 0739050406

UPC 717669852917

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